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Welcome to Sarempet Freelance Industrial Design

Out of the Box illumination!

Bring Art Deco illumination to your living space!


Sarempet Designs specializes in the design of indoor  lighting fixtures and high-quality furniture. The design direction of Sarempet provides manufacturers with a highly attractive alternative to contemporary designs of the products that it specializes in. Sarempet insists on offering designs of an innovative, creative, and unique nature, as though they are originating from another planet, therefore, proving that physical product design in this age does not have to be minimalist and utilitarian. Sarempet also has a policy of using environmentally friendly materials and energy saving systems as much as possible for the very important task of protecting the earth’s already compromised environment.

Innovative and unique shelving!

Innovative and unique shelving!

Sarempet’s portfolio demonstrates these goals and presents manufacturers with the opportunity to enhance its own line of products for domestic use as well as for the commercial market. Check Sarempet out to see some really cool stuff!

Ad an artistic coffee table to your living room.

Ad an artistic coffee table to your living room.